5 Best Ways to Find Hotels on a Budget


Many travel sites offer hotel rooms at affordable rates. I’ve highlighted some of my favorites below. The first is the Hotel California, a gorgeous old building, with an aquarium in the lobby. All rooms have kitchens, cable TV, coffee makers, and air conditioning (in addition to a minibar and full sized refrigerator). Every room even has a window with a patio or balcony.

Discount Hotels: How to Find Hotels With Free Nights and Book Direct with a Hotel Partner. Many hotels offer free nights during the week, as well as discounts on weekend nights. Some hotel reward programs have nightly entertainment or other specials during the week, as well. Typically, these rewards will require activation through an online form and will give points or coupons towards future stays. You can also use hotel coupons at local restaurants and businesses.

Hotel Specials: How to Find Cheap Hotel Room Rates Even When the Rate Might Be Low. Many times a three-star hotel will offer discounted room rates even during the worst economic times. Look for hotel deals during off peak seasons. During these months, many hotel rooms are often discounted up to 50% or more. This will work well for you, as a low rate today will still work well for you tomorrow, so finding cheaper room rates while traveling is smart.

coupons: How to Find Cheap Hotel Room Rates When Off Season. Sometimes, hotel room rates go down during off seasons for several reasons. Some of these reasons include weather, natural conditions, or the economy. If you’re traveling during a popular time and you plan to stay for at least a week, it might be best to book your hotel in advance, in order to take advantage of any possible coupon discounts.

Hotel Rewards Programs: Where to Find Hotel Reward Programs. If you travel often, you may be able to get a special deal on your hotel stays, free tickets to events, or other small benefits. Many times, you can book directly with the hotel in order to get free nights, or you can contact the hotel rewards programs directly. In either case, it is smart to find out if you can get some type of credit or free travel points when you book directly with the program.

Hotel Coupons: Where to Find Hotel Coupon Deals. If you already know the best times to book your hotel, you should make sure you check out the current promotional coupons. Sometimes, hotels will run out of a certain feature or service, which makes it extremely tempting to book your hotel immediately. Most times, however, you can save money by booking directly with the hotel, and you can earn hotel reward points for every night you book for free.

Hotel Discounts: Where to Find Hotel Discounts. With so many hotels around the world, it is often difficult to find a room. However, there are often discounts offered to guests staying at specific hotels. Whether you stay at a chain hotel, or a small boutique hotel, there are often daily, weekly, or monthly discounts to choose from.

Hotel Search Engines: Where to Find Hotel Search Engines. Some hotels offer information about rooms, reviews, ratings, and other important information about hotels online. Other hotel search engines, like Hotwire and Orbitz, help you find the best deals on the places you want to stay. Whether you are looking for specific types of hotels or discount deals, you can find it all online.

Travel Websites: Where to Find Travel Websites. Like hotel search engines, there are many websites that provide information on the hotels you’re looking for. These sites can tell you about reviews and recommendations, show maps and routes, and let you find the best time of year to visit certain places. As with hotel search engines, there are many websites that cater to one type of traveler, so be sure to find a travel website that caters to what you are looking for.

Online Listings: Where to Find Online Listings. If you are unfamiliar with online listings, you can find several good ones by visiting Google and Yahoo! Hotel Reviews. They are a great way to learn more about the different hotels you are considering, and allow you to compare rates and features side-by-side. With so many different hotels around the world, it is often difficult to find a room.

Hotel Search Engines and Online Listings: Where to Find Hotel Booking Systems. There are a number of different online booking systems available. These include websites, software programs, and online portals that collect and distribute hotel information around the world. They allow you to search for hotels based on your preferences, price range, location, etc. Some of these services even offer hotel coupons.