Hotel and Motel Suite Amenities


The Hilton Group is a family owned company that is globally renowned as one of the best American brands. Among the chain’s properties are dozens of hotels and resorts ranging from beachfront accommodations to five star luxury establishments. In my home town of San Diego, I regularly frequent the popular Hilton Grand Hyatt, one of San Diego s leading Hilton hotels. During my stay, I take advantage of complimentary parking, which is usually located in the lobby. At the hotel, I receive a guided tour of the grounds and its various attractions before being able to check into my room. Of all the luxury hotels in the world, this one stands out for its comfortable rooms and convenient location.

In the late eighties, Hilton Hotels and Resorts expanded their holdings, buying numerous luxury properties in cities around the globe such as Chicago, Tokyo, and Paris. Barron Hilton spent three years as CEO and president of Hilton Hotels Corporation, responsible for the company s success. Like his grandfather, Barron Hilton followed his passion for life and, just like his grandfather, carried himself with grace at all times. In recent years, he has focused efforts on expanding the Hilton properties into additional international markets. Now, Hilton properties are present in more than sixty countries worldwide. The brand is especially well-known in the United States, Europe, and Japan, but is rapidly gaining popularity in other parts of the world.

Over the last few years, there have been major fluctuations in profitability for many of the Hilton hotels and resorts. For the most part, this is due to a decline in hotel traffic in many of the destinations in which the company operates. Some of the destinations experiencing a slower volume of visitors include: Paris, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Despite the slower visitation, however, these hotels continue to experience increases in revenue. This is partly due to the fact that competition between the different Hilton hotels and resorts is fierce, but it is also because the quality of service provided by the Hilton brand continues to be high, even in areas experiencing a lower volume of visitors.

Many of the world’s most prestigious hotels and resorts can be found in locations across the globe including: New York, Tokyo, London, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Mexico City, and Barcelona. Although there are some exceptions, many of the properties managed by the Hilton group of resorts and hotels are located in high-visibility locations, such as: Hollywood, New York, Rome, Paris, and Tokyo. These are some of the world’s most popular destinations and each of these locations is served by a chain of hotels and resorts. As such, many of the hotel properties are able to leverage their standing and name to generate increased revenues from the sale of room reservations and suites. If you own a Hilton hotel property and would like to capitalize on this opportunity, consider speaking with a local hotel management company.

Hotels and serviced apartments are great for short term stays in a specific location. However, these accommodations do not offer the flexibility or mobility that is associated with staying in a Hilton hotel suite. If your intended stay is less than a week, for example, you can find both hotel and vacation rental units that will meet your needs. In addition, serviced apartments and hotel suites feature additional conveniences such as: air conditioning, large bathrooms, babysitting services, babysitting or housekeeping services, daily house cleaning, and central heating/air conditioning, to name a few. In short, serviced apartments and hotels allow you to maximize your vacation time, allowing you to spend more quality time with your family, close your eyes on memories, and take care of minor details such as: retrieving documents, securing your room keys, or filling your prescription medications.

Many people look to stay in the most sought after destinations such as: Rome, Paris, Miami, or Tokyo, while other families choose to travel to smaller cities such as: Waverly, Waterbury, Malden, or Stratford-Upon-Avon. For many families, the all inclusive package offered by Hilton Worldwide Properties and their sister resorts is the best choice. Not only does the all inclusive package provide lodging, meals, and drinks, but also offers access to entertainment and facilities that are not available with other hotels or resorts. For families looking to relax, participate in sports, or even do some traveling on your own, staying at a hotel suite provides everything that you need to enjoy an enjoyable stay.

When considering choosing a luxury all inclusive hotel stay, it is important to evaluate your travel needs, your budget, and what types of amenities are desired. Most hilton garden inns include: spas, salon, laundry facilities, restaurants, 24 hour front desk, concierge, shuttle service, fitness center, swimming pool, and tennis/softball courts. Although most properties do include shuttle services between their hotels and attractions, there are some properties that provide direct shuttle services to airport, resort town, and hotel themselves. The more luxury properties are equipped with televisions, electronic media players, dictionaries, wireless Internet access, and private health care provided by specially trained staff.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you can enjoy staying at one of the Hilton hotels located near some of your favorite tourist attractions, including: Royal Gorge, Niagara Falls, Serious Creek, or Lake George. You can choose the type of room that best suits your traveling needs, whether you prefer a contemporary room with ample space, a room with multiple bedrooms, or a spacious suite. If you prefer staying close to the attractions, select suites that offer access to indoor pool, tennis/softball court, and/or fitness center. Select suites that are located near the front of your property so you can easily check in and out without having to walk a long way. Before making your reservation, make sure that you check out the amenities that each suite offers. Some properties include free breakfast, continental breakfast, and welcome beverages, which may include: bottled water, tea, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate, snacks, or bottled water.